Ballistik is a great and original 3D brick breaking game

Ballistik is a great brick breaking game with 100 different levels and additional bonus levels that will provide hours of fun. The game features original 3D graphics which are good but not impressive. As in any brick breaking game, your goal is to break all the bricks using a paddle and a ball. It includes many wonderful sceneries throughout the different levels with a great variety of bricks arrangements to break: some blocks are harder and require several hits to break, others are really easily to break, and others are invisible until you hit them for the first time. It also includes many power-ups such as missile launchers, guns, magnet, multi-ball splitters, among others, which definitely make the game more attractive and addictive. If you love brick breaking games, Ballistik will not disappoint you. Other than the original power-ups, the game does not include any extraordinary or impressive thing, but you definitely should try it.
It supports Windows 98 or XP and requires a 3D video card.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Original bricks. Lots of power-ups. Cool graphics


  • None
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